For most small businesses hiring full time IT is out of the question since you only need IT when something needs fixed, upgraded or installed.  That is not every day.

I am Nathan Kennedy and I have worked in the IT business for over 20 years where I have learned and developed strategies to manage your IT needs.

I am looking forward to meeting your IT needs in Grays Harbor and beyond.

MikroTik Wireless: Simple One AP Configuration

I finally had the opportunity to sit down with a new customer installation and write out step by step how to configure a simple wireless network using the MikroTik cAP ac and an RB960PGS.

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Mikrotik Wireless: Setting up CAPsMAN

The documentation on CAPsMAN Sucks Mikrotik’s CAPsMAN Page The main page at Mikrotik is informational on what the different sections do, but in typical Mikrotik fashion it doesn’t provide much in the way of what is actually required to make things work.This has been a slight pet peeve of mine with them but in most …

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Mikrotik Wireless: The Router

Any good network will need a good router.  In this case I chose the Mikrotik RB960PGS in part because my supplier was out of the Mikrotik PoE switch I intended to use but had plenty of these instead. The RB960PGS router supplies PoE power to all 5 ports and comes with all of the parts …

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Mikrotik Unboxed

Mikrotik Wireless Setup

With all the talk on Ubiquiti, let’s have a look at another option. That would be Mikrotik.

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