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Mikrotik Boxed
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Why Mikrotik

I have used Ubiquiti for numerous projects and I loved their UniFi platform when it first came out.

The UniFi platform is still a somewhat strong one, but there are some issues I have ran into that just annoy me to the point of, well looking for a new platform.

The Issues with UniFi

  • Cost
    Let’s face it, UniFi is expensive.  When something costs that much I expect to get something great.  I’m not getting that any longer with UniFi.
  • Compatibility
    The first UniFi system I setup was very much self-contained and did not require a bunch of other Ubiquiti equipment to make simple things like a guest network function properly.  Now you have to run a bunch of Ubiquiti equpment that is even more costly just to get some simple metrics and the like.

Let’s try out Mikrotik

For about the cost of one UniFi Access Point I was able to purchase a router with PoE ports, a dual band access point and a slave 2.4GHz access point.

Very soon I will be deploying these items and documenting the setup and installation process.  I am excited to see how this setup compares to a similar setup I have that uses a UniFi AP with a mikrotik router.


The story continues with The Router

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