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Freeside Upgrade Guide

Table of Contents


Upgrading Freeside is needed to implement bug fixes and new features, you can check on what has been added since your last upgrade by reviewing the Freeside git logs at


Before running the Freeside Upgrade a little preparation is needed

Record Freeside and RT Version Numbers

  1. Open the Freeside UI
  2. Hover over the Help Menu
  3. Record the Freeside and RT Version numbers
Freeside Help Menu

Stop Apache and Freeside Services

					sudo systemctl stop apache2; sudo /etc/init.d/freeside stop

Disable any cron jobs for the freeside user

					sudo -u freeside crontab -e

Place a # at the beginning of any jobs and save the file

Backup Freeside

If Freeside is on a virtual or container platform then take a snapshot.  A backup of the database should be taken in any situation

					sudo -u freeside pg_dump -Fc freeside >~/freeside{insert date}.Pg

If upgrading from a package that is no longer in the repositories then copy the packages from your apt cache

					cp /var/cache/apt/archives/freeside* .

Remove any holds on the Freeside packages

					sudo apt-mark unhold freeside-*

Run the Freeside Upgrade

This is the home stretch and will bring freeside and RT up to date with the current release

Update Debian Packages

					sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade

Hold Freeside packages from being upgraded

Mark freeside packages as held to make sure they do not get updated during regular system maintenance

					sudo apt-mark hold freeside-*

Upgrade the Freeside Database

					sudo -u freeside freeside-upgrade {your freeside username}

Upgrade RT

					sudo -u freeside /opt/rt3/sbin/rt-setup-database --dba freeside --prompt-for-dba-password --action upgrade

When prompted for the version of RT to upgrade from enter the version number that was recorded earlier.

If you have never updated the RT portion of your Freeside server but you have updated Freeside, you will most likely need to enter a version much earlier than what you recorded earlier.  This is beyond the scope of this document but you can contact us to assist with your upgrades.

Bring Apache and Freeside back online

Now that Freeside and RT are upgraded the services need to be restarted and cron jobs activated

Start Apache and Freeside services

					sudo systemctl start apache2; sudo /etc/init.d/freeside start

Log back into the Freeside UI and check that everything comes up without errors

Enable Cron jobs for freeside

Edit the freeside users crontab and un-comment the jobs that were disabled earlier