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Telephone Systems and Service

PBX Graph Screen

Is your telephone system out of date?

If your telephone system was purchased from the local office supply store or installed over 15 years ago it is out of date and not meeting your needs.
Internet based telephone systems known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) have come a long way since their inception and are quickly replacing the way we have used the telephone in the past.  Combined with a much more stable Internet platform these systems are viable for handling even the most sensitive applications.

Service Plans To Meet Your Needs

A great phone system starts with an amazing service plan!  We partnered with one of the nations top providers for VoIP services and one low rate for all 50 States.


Best in Class PBX

Having a great voice service is one thing but to take it to the next level we have an amazing selection of PBX options.  The PBX is the heart of your phone system which allows you to define extensions, group them together, configure interactive voice recordings (IVR), voicemail, and much more.
With each PBX solution we are here to help you get things configured to your needs and we are easily reached to help you make changes when needed.

Enterprise Class Phones

You can’t have a great phone system without great phones.  There are a lot of phone manufacturers and each one claims to be the best, most configurable, etc.  We have been using Snom brand phones for over 10 years and have always had a great experience with them and we are sure you will too.

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